Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yummy Post-Yoga Snack?

Growing up, June represented many things: hot days, warm nights, swimming till the sun went down, delicious watermelon and backyard meals. June is meant to be warm - and no matter how long I've lived in San Diego, every June I am horribly disappointed. While most of the country tumbles gaily into Summer, San Diego goes GREY. The term is June Gloom - and it couldn't be better described. It's cold, gloomy, misty and all around just bleh. So, rather than complain (as I can hear a collective sigh from the rest of the country who have severe winters and things like, um SNOW) I'm looking for ways to enjoy June.

Eating seems to be a good way to enjoy pretty much anything, wouldn't you agree? With the cooler weather and grey skies, I find myself wanting to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. A perfect compliment to these things is a cookie, of course. However, as some of my closest friends know: I'm a sucker for any cookie, and will eat my weight in them if given the opportunity. I was on the hunt for a "healthy" cookie and I think I found one! Please excuse the less than stellar picture - I apparently have really poor lighting in my kitchen, no artistic talent, and my 'good' camera had a dead battery. Excuses - but all true! ;)

I found this recipe in Gweneth Paltrow's new cookbook My Father's Daughter. I first bought this cookbook because I have a father who is an amazing cook, and has pretty much taught me everything I know in the kitchen. Food and eating together was always a priority in our family, and there are countless memories of the five of us laughing uncontrollably around our dining room table. The title of this book struck a chord with me, so I had to have it. I've made a few things so far, and all have been delicious and really easy, too! Baking was my mother's forte and I have a passion for it, as baking = yummy, sweet treats!

This recipe is so simple - with a focus on using a few, clean & healthy ingredients. I substituted whole wheat flour for barley only because I couldn't find barley flour at my local store. Anyway - they were a cinch to make and filled the house with a comforting, sweet smell that elicited a "Mmmmm! What are you baking?" from my hubby before the front door was even closed behind him! Chopped almonds, maple syrup, and cinnamon make these cookies super hearty and completely perfect with a cup of tea. Or, if you're in a hurry (like me) on most mornings - a really good breakfast! Topped off with your favorite jam - you can't go wrong with these.

I'm not sure if I should post the actual recipe or if I'd get in trouble for that, so I'll need to gather some feedback from my amazing food-blogger friends out there. If I can, I'll post later! ;) For now, just come over to my place for some tea and they'll be there to greet you!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer! I've been waiting for you...

Yesterday, I spent some time cleaning up my blog page. I changed the layout, color and some of the fonts. Nothing major, but after a good hour or so, I felt excited and re-invigorated and ready to blog more often! Summer is on the way and this means more time for me to spend doing the things I enjoy or haven’t had as much time for during the “busy” season at my job. I’m looking forward to exploring new ideas for my blog, gaining inspiration from friends and family during a few awesome vacations, and focusing on being happy, healthy, and active! I can’t wait to see where the summer takes us!