Friday, April 22, 2011

A Happy Day

Friday played hard to get this week – taunting me from 5 days away. Lots to do, co-workers out of the office, sick baby, and onward the week trudged. So today, after 3 less hours of sleep than the usual 7, it took a lot of mental coaxing to put my feet to the floor and face the day.

I did it though, because there was much to be done and no good enough reason to put it off. As I approached the stairs from the parking lot to the office, I began to pump myself up. Eye of the Tiger playing in my head, and plans to annihilate my to-do list - I wasn’t excited, but I was determined!

As I sat down to get comfortable, I quickly checked my personal email to make sure all was well with family and friends before I buried myself in work. Man, am I glad I did! To my complete surprise, I found an email from the Haute Apple Pie ladies informing me that I was the WINNER of their latest giveaway! I recently found their blog through a friend and it is beautifully designed, bursting with amazing recipes, DIY projects and photos, and is just really, really, enjoyable. I won The Earth Dinner giveaway sponsored by Organic Valley, the organic dairy cooperative. (Check out The Earth Dinner initiative page on facebook!) I’m looking forward to a year’s worth of free Organic Valley products, 4 Earth Dinner books, and a new re-usable shopping bag! Yay!

As it turns out, this Friday was worth waiting for! I hope you all had something worth waiting for this week!

Happy Earth Day, and Happy Weekend!!



  1. I'm so happy you won and discovered HAP! And guess what - it's Friday again! Have a great weekend! xoxo