Friday, April 29, 2011

When the clouds part, the sun shines. Ramblings...

** I wrote this in my journal on Wednesday, but was only able to post today. Happy Friday & Good Weekend to you!

This morning I heard birds chirpping while outside of my office. Happy, hopeful little chirps. Not a caw or a cry; no warning or protest. These were the chirps of baby birds new to the world - their slate free of history or responsiblity. They seemed to be relishing in the mere fact that they had discovered their voice. The sound made me stop. The thought of those happy birds made me smile. Yet others walked by, unaware. I was reminded that many of life's truest pleasures and most sincere lessons are so often blantantly ignored or rather drowned out by the "noise" of complicaiton. So it is with sun on my face, that I take a moment to reflect on why and how I experienced that moment with the singing chickees.

It was a moment when I was completely present in only that moment. Like a photograph, everything was frozen in that moment - the light, the sound, the smells. There were not thoughts of future or past, no worries and no thoughtless-ness. I heard the chicks. I saw the sun through the trees. I took in the scene and observed it with all of my senses. (okay, I didn't taste it... please try not to picture me licking a tree!) It was a quick moment, but as I write this now - 4 hours and 1 bad mood later - I'm re-living that moment again and again. That moment has proven itself very worthy of the time I took to recognize it. It's coming back around to snap me out of a mid-day funk!

This is yoga.

So often you'll hear a teacher of yours encouraging you to focus only on the present: where you are mentally/physically/emotionally during your practice and the thoughts that these things bring while on your mat. When you spend some time cultivating this part of your yoga practice those moments and observations will surely translate to your everyday life. The objective is to be less burdened by the things you can't possibly predict (a particular struggle for me) or by the things that have already happened and therefore cannot be changed. Instead of spending your energy spinning your wheels, you focus it on what is in front of you. What is in front of you? It could be you. It could be a loved one or co-worker needing help. It could be your child who is encouraging you to get down on the ground and play with them. The choices and observations you are able to make when you are present allow you to actually participate in the moment!

Now, contradicitng "my moment", I allowed myself to slip into some negative self thinking. I was overwhlemed by the devil on my shoulder whispering to me about of the things I'm not doing well. This is the "noise" I mentioned earlier. I'll be the first to admit - I have a lot to learn, and much practice-at-being-present ahead of me. However, this time I was able to realize what I was doing, and to take myself out of that neagive space and back into my moment! Today I did this within a span of a few hours. Sometimes it takes days, but it used to take weeks! I'm making progress!

It's not always easy, I know! We can't always physically remove ourselves from a meeting, our office or some uncomfortable encounter. If you find that you are stuck physcially, I encourage you to turn your focus inward. How are you sitting? Is your posture slumped or tight? Have you taken a deep breath lately or today at all? Is your brow furrowed? Lips pursed? Try to relax your body and be present in it. Find something in your present to be thankful for! Do it for you!

I didn't realize at the time of "my moment" what it was that got me there, but now I feel ready to reacognize these moments more readily. I feel infinitely lighter now. This was a good day!




  1. I read this right after you posted it and the very next morning at 6 a.m. when I was feeding the dog and when I'd usually be rushed and in a "it's too early and ugh, I'm heading to work" kind of mood, I decided to step outside for a few minutes while the dog did his business. I stood out there in morning silence and appreciated the beautiful area we live in and life in general. Thanks for the inspiration. Too often I let myself get wrapped up in a funk and it's wise words to just step back and appreciate the moment! This is a beautiful post.